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Oil And Vinegar Dispenser

Oil And Vinegar Dispenser

Our oil and vinegar dispenser is made by borosilicate glass

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Product Details:


In fact, compared with plastic bottles, glass bottles are safer and healthier. Our oil and vinegar dispenser is made by borosilicate glass. The bottle body can be printed to enhance the aesthetics. There is no need to worry about the deformation of the glass bottle during transportation. The sealing performance of the bottle mouth is relatively higher.


○Double chamber shape

○Made by high temperature resistant glass

○Cork lids to avoid pour-out

○Help keep you kitchen clean and clear


Product Material :

Borosilicate glass with cork lid


small oil dispenser: dia 9.5cm X H 10cm

large oil dispenser: dia 10.5cm X H 12cm


Normal brown inner boxes or gift boxes or PVC boxes with safety master carton.

Lead time:

45-60 days


1000 pcs

Cleaning method of oil and vinegar dispenser

First wash with water, then put the broken eggshell and water into the bottle, then shake the bottle up and down, when the eggshell is rotated, the sediment in the bottle can be removed. After rinsing, fill the bottle with cold water, then quickly reverse the drainage. While opening a large faucet, make the water rush to the bottom and go down.

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